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Anne Fulwood

Anne Fulwood
Media Director
Ogilvy PR Australia

Anne Fulwood established her reputation, over two decades, as one of Australian television’s best-known and most respected journalists and hosts. In recent years she has worked in corporate communications and launched her personal communications & media consultancy (Fulworks Australia), to provide strategic advice and training across the business, government and community sectors.

Most recently, Anne was appointed to the Nomination Panel, responsible for selecting members of the Boards of the ABC and SBS, reporting to the Federal Government Minister for Communications and the Arts. She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has served on a number of Federal and State government boards.

In 2015, Anne was appointed as Australia’s first representative to the Women20 (W20) Engagement Group for the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Turkey 2015, and she attended and hosted an international panel at the W20 2016 Summit, in Xi’an, China in May 2016.

Anne has been a national weekly columnist for the Australian Financial Review newspaper, in which she profiled more than 120 female entrepreneurs across Australia.