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BoardLinks Equals Success


Joining BoardLinks

Supporting women into leadership and decision-making roles is important for both women and business.

The BoardLinks program allows any woman who is interested in being considered for a government board appointment to register on the database. The BoardLinks database is used by the Australian Government to source candidates for appointment to Australian Government boards.

Many candidates in the BoardLinks database have also been personally endorsed by a:

  • BoardLinks Champion;
  • Australian Government Minister; or
  • Australian Government Departmental Secretary.

How can I be nominated?

You can be nominated by an endorser to BoardLinks or you can nominate yourself.

Please register to become a Boardlinks candidate - you will receive further instructions via email to complete your registration.


What else can I do to be appointed to an Australian Government board?

You may need to try several approaches depending on the board you are interested in.
Some tips offered by existing board members include:

  • getting involved in networks that may be associated with a particular board or industry;
  • contacting a Board directly to let them know you are interested in an appointment;
  • reviewing the websites of portfolio departments for information about their activities and operations, including their functions and boards;
  • monitoring broader sources for information about board vacancies including national newspapers and executive search companies.

Am I qualified to sit on an  Australian Government board?

As you might expect, there is no uniform criteria for appointment to Government boards. The need for certain skills, knowledge and experience will depend on the purpose, size and type of board.

Some of the types of skills required by Australian Government boards include:

  • senior management or board experience (including as a CEO);
  • rural or regional location work experience;
  • diversity of cultural background;
  • subject matter/technical expertise;
  • financial management experience;
  • highly developed accounting or audit experience; and
  • highly developed international experience.

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