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BoardLinks Equals Success


Introduction to BoardLinks Champion Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens is a BoardLinks Champion and has extensive experience as a Non-Executive Director, Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairperson.

Andrew said he became a BoardLinks Champion as he believes BoardLinks plays an important role in ensuring board-ready, capable women are considered and appointed to Government board positions.

“As a Male Champion of Change, the opportunity to promote this bank of great female talent is too good to miss,” Mr Stevens said.

Why do you value diversity on boards?

Diversity leads to greater capability and performance in organisations of all types. Diversity in all respects is a key ingredient for successful enterprise innovation which is, in turn, crucial for strong organisational performance. I have seen firsthand how gender-conscious and inclusive management encourages diversity amongst the leaders of divisions, teams and projects and how both capability and performance is enhanced significantly.

How do you bring both men and women into the discussion?

The most successful way to bring both men and women into the action in all aspects of organisational performance is to appoint equal numbers of men and women at all levels of leadership - especially at the most senior levels. This is the most significant lever in establishing a culture which leverages the "diversity advantage" - and that produces superior financial and operational performance.