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International Women’s Day – The Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP addressing the National Press Club

The Minister for Women, the Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP, presented the International Women’s Day Address at the National Press Club on Tuesday 6 March 2018. The Minister outlined the Australian Government’s key priorities in achieving gender equality and improving the lives of Australian women, including measures to address women’s online safety, sexual harassment in the workplace, women’s economic security and women in leadership.

During the address the Minister:

  • Announced regular meetings with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Instagram, as well as with the Sex Discrimination Commissioner and eSafety Commissioner, to ensure online safety protections remain responsive to changing technology.
  • Announced the expansion of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s national survey on sexual harassment in the workplace, from 2,000 to 10,000 participants, to provide greater insights into the extent and nature of the issue.
  • Emphasised the need to normalise flexible and part time employment for men in an effort to increase women’s workforce participation.
  • Outlined changes the Australian Government has made to superannuation to remove restrictions on personal contributions, enabling women with intermittent work patterns to increase their retirement savings.
  • Committed to publishing data every six months on progress against the Australian Government’s target to reach 50 per cent of women on Government boards overall.

Watch the Minister’s full address on ABC iview, available until 5 April 2018.