Australian Government


Government Takes Action on Leadership for Women

This Strategy outlines the Turnbull Government’s roadmap to meet the Government’s G20 commitment of reducing the workforce participation gap between men and women aged 15-64, by 25 per cent by 2025.

A key action identified by the Strategy to boost women’s representation in leadership roles includes expanding the Workplace Gender Equality Agency framework for recognising businesses that are leading in gender equality. This includes extending the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation by opening it to public sector organisations and continuing to drive gender equality outcomes.                                                         

To help implement the Strategy the Australian Government will develop an awards program to recognise innovative gender equality initiatives among a broader pool of employers, including small and medium enterprises. It will also introduce voluntary reporting for public sector employers on the six gender equality indicators – including gender composition of governing bodies of relevant employers – as outlined in the Workplace Gender Equality Act, working towards the Australian Government’s target for 50 per cent women on Government boards overall, and expanding the BoardLinks programme.